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SLINGOFER® Tongs and Lifters are engineered for tough and abusive environment and are designed to handle various demanding lifting applications, such as heavy drums or coils, iron ore ladle, cylindrical rods, ingots and even gigantic bells and hoops. They can be equipped with weighing indicators or sensors for high temperature or high tonnage indications.

Whichever the shape or configuration of the items to be lifted or handled, Slingofer has the ideal solution at hand. All the tongs and lifters are made from heavy duty steel or alloy, designed to withstand great stress and temperature for use even at up to 800°C, and for loads from 2 tons to 480 tons. This makes Slingofer as one of the few elite in the world to have the skills and capability to manufacture tongs of great lifting capacities.

These tongs can be easily coupled to an overhead crane with single or double hook, or via pulleys. They are also easily configurable for single or double pinion tongs.

Slingofer are able to refurbish & modernize tongs of other makes due to their excellent in-depth understanding of metallurgy and production techniques, and improve it to even better standard.

Slingofer recommend to refurbish and modernize the tongs and lifters every 4 years to prolong its operating life and to ensure the highest safety standards are adhered to at all times. In business for over 50 years, Slingofer is well established to provide the best customized solution for all your needs.