Anti Collision System

Anti Collision System


GIGASENSE is a fail-safe (microwave technology) anti-collision system for track bound cranes (EOT) or similar equipment in tough industrial environment.

GIGASENSE anti-collision system is easy to install, robust, maintenance free and comes with built in self diagnostic functions to monitor the system.




GIGASENSE anti-collision system controls and protects track bound cranes or similar machinery e.g. distance, speed and direction. Each system (A or B) consists of an active antenna and one relay box. The antenna sends a microwave signal to the opposite system. By using Doppler technique the distance, speed and movement can be controlled and managed from the relay box.

There are 3 relays in the relay box:

  • Relay 1 = Warning (speed reduction).
  • Relay 2 = Stops crane movement.
  • Relay 3 = Function control.




  • Helps protect people and property.
  • The systems have a built in self diagnostic function that monitors the system performance every 3:rd second.


  • Cuts crane repairs, downtime and costs.
  • Easy and straight forward to install.
  • Maintenance free.