About Us

We are authorized representative of:

  • PIAB Tension Measuring Devices (Gigasense, Sweden)
  • PIAB Dynamometer
  • PIAB LKV & LKVE Overload Guard
  • PIAB Load Cells
  • PIAB IS Automatic Lifting Hook
  • Gigasense Track-Mounted Anti-collision detection system
  • Slingofer Lifting tongs and equipment for the steel industry (Italy)
  • Slingofer specialized lifting equipment for loading and unloading for ports and industrial warehouse
  • Flexible reeling cables and low to high voltage mining cables (European)
  • Halogen free / fire retardant electrical cables, EMV, spreader cables (European)
  • Industrial power sockets and couplers (USA)
  • Heavy Duty steel coil Seat and Support system (Taiwan)
  • Heavy Duty Slitting and Cutting machinery (Taiwan)


Beside these, we represent a perimeter security company from UK with its top notch radar perimeter security system, as well as its anti-collision detection device for quay cranes’ boom.

Vacuum lifters for Material Handling for light to heavy goods, and Ground Power Supply (GPU) system for the aviation industry.

We are active in the Asia Pacific region in the Ports and Maritime, Steel and Mining, Power, Tunnelling, Aviation and General industries.